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Cybersecurity Awareness made easy

Tap into your most valuable resources to conquer cyber threats

KnowBe4 provides an extensive platform of Cybersecurity Awareness training and simulated phishing attacks to help organizations train their employees on current cyber threats and the steps they can take to avoid them. KnowBe4 also offers tools to assess and manage cybersecurity risks and automate cybersecurity response. Utilize your most valuable resources – your employees – to defend your organization against cyber attacks.


Used by over 50,000 organizations around the world

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We’ve partnered with KnowBe4 to offer the world’s largest Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform (KMSAT). By training your employees to recognize potential cyber threats, you will protect your organization against social engineering attacks, ransomware, and spear phishing, the #1 cause of data breaches. KnowBe4 KMSAT is a cost-effective solution to the ever-increasing risks facing organizations large and small.

KMSAT includes:

  • Baseline testing to assess your risk
  • The world’s largest library of security awareness training content
  • Fully automated simulated phishing attacks
  • Enterprise-class reporting


What if you had a place where you can triage all of the suspicious emails received by your users? PhishER is just that. It’s an automated email analysis platform that serves as the emergency room for investigating phishing, spam, and otherwise suspicious emails. It enables your administrators to take quick action to block emails from malicious sources and prevent their spread.

With PhishER, you can:

  • Convert active phishing attacks into safe simulated phishing campaigns with PhishFlip to train employees on real-world threats
  • Easily search, find, and remove email threats from users’ Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace mailboxes with PhishRIP
  • Automate Incident Response to respond to the most dangerous threats more quickly
  • Automate message prioritization to categorize messages as Clean, Spam or Threat
  • Easily integrate with KnowBe4’s email add-in buttonPhish Alertto allow users to report suspicious messages with a click of a button

Compliance Management

We know the struggle of compliance. We’ve been there, done that! With the KnowBe4 Compliance Management (KCM GRC) platform, you can conduct compliance audits and risk assessments in half the time and half the cost they would take to do manually. KMC GRC is a SaaS-based platform that helps you assess both internal and third-party vendor risks.

KCM GRC helps you:

  • Vet, manage and monitor your third-party vendors’ security risks
  • Simplify risk management with an intuitive interface and simple workflow based on NIST 800-30
  • Implement quickly with pre-built templates for the most widely used regulations
  • Maintain audit evidence and documentation in a secure evidence repository and DocuLinks
  • Monitor audit progress with dashboards and automated reminders

KnowBe4 Features


KnowBe4 offers over 1,400 pieces of training content that cover topics such as phishing awareness, ransomware, social engineering, password security, and more. Content varies by subscription.

Email Phishing

KnowBe4 offers a comprehensive phishing platform that includes a wide range of customizable email templates and enables you to test and assess your employees' susceptibility to phishing attacks.

USB Drive Tests

KnowBe4's USB Drive Test is designed to test your employees' behavior when encountering an unknown USB drive. The test measures to what degree users will interact with unknown USB drives, including opening files and enabling macros.

QR Code Tests

Like the USB Drive Test, the QR Code Test is designed to test your employee's knowledge of scanning unknown QR codes. QR codes are a potential cyber threat, as they can lead users to malicious websites.

Industry Benchmarks

KnowBe4 offers comprehensive industry benchmarking data that allows you to compare your security awareness training performance against other KnowBe4 customers in your industry.


KnowBe4 includes more than 60 built-in reports providing a comprehensive overview of your organization's training progress and actionable insights into your program's effectiveness.

How We Can Help


We can help you develop a comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Program that goes beyond simply phishing testing and delivers measurable results.


We can help you prepare your environment for the introduction of KnowBe4 and configure the platform to customize templates, landing pages and notifications.


We can train your team on how to effectively manage the KnowBe4 platform to ensure that you take full advantage of all the valuable features is has to offer.


We offer the KnowBe4 platform as a fully managed service so you can focus on your business while we run your Cybersecurity Awareness Program for you.

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Are you concerned about the increasing threat of cyber-attacks caused by human error?  

You're not alone. You're not alone. In today's digital age, businesses face an ever-growing number of cyber threats, ranging from phishing scams and malware infections to data breaches and ransomware attacks. We understand that cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses and that employees are an important line of defense. By educating your employees about cybersecurity best practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks resulting from human error.