Support today’s flexible work styles without comprising security

Keep your team productive with secure, modern collaboration tools that make it easy to work together no matter where they are.

Modern Tools for the Modern Workforce

The tools you need to keep your employees employees productive and your enterprise secure

Productivity and Collaboration

At the very foundation of the Modern Workplace are collaboration and communication. By leveraging the right tools, you can empower employees with seamless connectivity that enables them to work simultaneously on projects at any given time no matter where they are.

With a complete suite of productivity tools, employees can get work done faster and more efficiently. And with secure collaboration features, they can easily share files and ideas with colleagues – without worrying about data security.

Virtual Desktops

Imagine a world where you can work from any location, on anything at anytime. In today’s modern workplace, virtual desktops can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Virtual desktops allow employees to access their work files and applications from any device, anywhere in the world. This gives businesses the flexibility to create a truly global workforce.

Virtual desktops also offer increased security and compliance features, since data is stored centrally and accessed through a secure connection. This helps  protect your business from data breaches and accidental data loss.

Mobile Solutions

The modern workplace is a mobile one. More than ever, mobile devices are an integral part of how we work and communicate. Enterprise mobility solutions allow businesses to manage and secure mobile devices, apps, and data. Mobile device management (MDM) tools help businesses control and monitor employee-owned devices that are used for work enabling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) while ensuring sensitive data remains safe and secure. Company data can quickly and easily be removed from employee-owned devices while leaving personal data intact. And in the event a device is lost or stolen, you can lock the device entirely to make sure no one can access it.

Endpoint Management

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need to adopt new technologies and approaches to endpoint management. Endpoint management solutions improve security, compliance, and operational efficiency by automating tasks such as patch management and software deployments. In addition, endpoint management solutions can provide visibility into endpoint activity, which can help organizations to detect and respond to security threats more quickly.

Cloud-based endpoint management solutions help organizations manage their devices and applications more effectively by providing the ability to remotely control and manage their devices, as well as deploy and manage apps. This helps to simplify IT administration and gives you more control over your company’s endpoint devices no matter where they are.

Endpoint Security

In today’s modern workplace, endpoint security is more important than ever before. With the rise of mobile and BYOD devices, as well as the increasing prevalence of cloud-based applications, endpoint security solutions must be able to adapt to the changing needs of the modern enterprise. In order to be effective, modern endpoint security solutions must be able to detect and block malicious activity from both trusted and untrusted applications. Additionally, they must be able to provide the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to dynamically respond to security incidents and alerts. By taking a proactive approach to endpoint security, businesses can ensure that their data and critical systems are protected against the latest threats.