Hyperautomation lives at the intersection of business and infrastructure automation

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction

Minimize the need for human intervention to drive efficiency and optimize performance by automating repetitive tasks and complex processes.

Business automation

RPA, BPA, RDA, what do they mean?  Automation of singular tasks, end-to-end processes, and user workflows.

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Robotic process automation uses bots to automate individual business tasks

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Business process automation is the automation of multi-task business workflows

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Robotic desktop automation is utilized by employees to help them work more efficiently 

Infrastrcuture Automation

Stop pushing buttons and start writing code.  Turn your infrastructure admins into infrastructure developers

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Deploy your infrastructure as code to reduce errors, increase reliability, and greatly enhance security

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Use continuous improvement/continuous deployment pipelines to automate deployments and updates

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Force admins to use IAC and pipelines in order to reduce errors, increase accountability, and supercharge efficiency


Use intelligent bots in conjuction with AI and ML to identify, process, and analyze unstructured data.

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Use a bot to discover data that needs to be processed

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A processing bot analyzes and classifies data

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Analysis bots dertmine how to structure and store the data

How can automation help your business?

Review some common questions and answers that can help your business get into the hyperautomation mindset.

What areas of my business can be automated?

All areas of a business supports some level of automation.  Front line workers dealing with customers and patients can benefit from robotic desktop automation.  Multi-step BPA may benefit back-office areas such as accounting or human resources, and IT will always benefit from infrastructure-as-code deployments.

How much does automation cost?

Automation isn’t something you buy off the shelf.  It takes a bit of engineering to implement.  The first step is to embrace the automation-first mindset.  This is a simple idea that means if it can be automated, then automate it.  Once in this mindset, choose an experienced company to come in and help you identify and implement the software and technology you need to implement your automation vision.

Do I have to develop software in order to automate my busines?

Although there is a development aspect to automation, it doesn’t necessarly require a large team of developers.  There are off the shelf solutions that can be used to drive workflow and connect disparate systems.  This includes tools such as PowerAutomate from Microsoft, Nintex, bot frameworks from cloud service providers, and a multitude of other tools that drive worklow, respond to events, and store/analyze data.  Choose a company that knows the technical landscape and has the resources to help identify the right toolset for the workflows and processes you want to automate within your business.

How can I get started with automation?

Once you’ve made the decision to start automating different areas of your business, identify the low hanging fruit within your business.  This is usually easily predictable and repeatable processes that employees currently do manually.  Decided if it makes sense to automate certain tasks within those processes, give employees robotic desktop automation to assist with those processes, or move to a business process automation model where the process is fully automated.

Why X-Centric?

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